We're Different

We Actually Really Are.

The truth about real estate companies is that traditionally their core business and main focus is all about sales. Generally, the principal in charge has very little to no knowledge about property management.

We are different; we have two highly qualified principals each specialising in their fields under one umbrella.

The end result is that you cannot provide a superior sales or property management service if you don’t focus on it 100%. Being the best at that one thing is always going to perform better than being jack of all trades. We are offering our clients the best of both worlds under one roof.

Twomey Schriber Property Group is a boutique style business that understands the importance of communication, attention to detail and the personal touch.

Private Treaty

Private treaty has the most market acceptance. Most buyers like to know the asking price and have the opportunity to negotiate, as a seller you have the ability to bargain, which can allow you to get often more than expected.

Benefits of private treaty:

  • Can have less marketing costs associated with it - this of course depends on how long it takes to achieve a satisfactory sale.
  • Removes the open competition that comes with bidding - which may suit you if you find auctions daunting.
  • Can be slightly less stressful because it does not build up to a deadline like auction day.
  • Enables you to negotiate on terms and conditions (such as long settlement), as well as the price.
  • May have a lower profile campaign if so desired.

Many purchasers like the fact that a price is defined, and would therefore prefer to buy through private sale. However, the seller of the property must commit to a price when the property goes onto the market. It is critical that you set the price correctly.

You can be confident that a Twomey Schriber agent will assist you in setting the correct price.


Auctions reply upon competition for success. They are best used in a strong market and especially when prices are rising. Auctions are often used when a seller must be seen to achieve a fair market price. That’s why we often see deceased estates, marriage break-ups, court-ordered sales and trust situations usually being sold at auction.

Benefits of auctions are:

  • Places a time limit on buyers, encouraging them to make a high offer before the auction rather than wait to see what auction day may bring. Therefore allowing the option of selling before auction if you choose.
  • Allows you — the seller — to set the terms of the sale.
  • Has no “cooling-off” period (when buyers change their mind)
  • Is not conditional on buyers’ finance approvals.
  • Creates competition between buyers, pushing the price up rather than negotiating it down.


In a sale by tender, buyers submit their offers into a locked tender box by a pre-set deadline. Tenders target a niche market, mainly in the sale of unique properties, development sites, large commercial and industrial properties where there are likely to be adequate buyers and transparency is critical. And whilst they may not be common, they can be very effective in the selling process.

Marketing Your Property

At Twomey Schriber Property Group we take marketing your property very seriously. We strongly believe first impressions count. Whether selling or renting it is imperative that the property is presented at its full potential. Your property is in competition with others, not in isolation, it is crucial that it is marketed professionally. Let’s face it, you get one chance to impress. You can be dismissed easily if it is presented poorly.

Professional Photography — This is a non-negotiable. We use professional photography at all times to showcase your home/property in the best possible light.

Internet — All of our properties are listed on all major real estate websites. 35% of all sales & 90% of rental enquiries come from the internet. The internet plays a crucial part in promoting and marketing your property. It’s the salesman that never sleeps.

Signboards — At Twomey Schriber Property Group, we use only the highest quality photo sales boards. Again, first impressions count and we want your property to look the very best.

Colour Brochures — Colour brochures are given to all prospective purchasers that view your home. It is something for them to take away to reflect on your property.

Open Homes

There is no doubt that open homes work. They are an excellent tool to get motivated and qualified buyers engaged at the same time, in competition, whilst inspecting your property. At Twomey Schriber Property Group, we strongly believe in security and follow up. We take all names, numbers and email addresses of all attendees.

We generally will have one agent at your open home. However, when requested, or for larger properties, there will be two agents. Open homes condense all prospective buyers into a 30-45 minute slot. Generally on Saturday and Sunday.

We find, particularly those with young families that are selling, this helps with keeping the property looking at its best, rather than having inspections all week long.


Negotiation can be an anxious time for you, the seller, as well as for the purchaser. We believe that this is where we earn our commission.

As a Twomey Schriber agent we are highly experienced in this area. We are not order takers, we are tough negotiators and strictly “seller’s agents” — we work for you, not the buyer. We believe our results clearly show this.

We have a number of strategies we use, but at all times we are honest and ethical and will always hold your property’s price in our highest regard.


At Twomey Schriber Property Group we strongly believe in communication. As a vendor or landlord of TS Property Group, you will be kept informed at all times. Whether this being as simple as an internet enquiry or as detailed as a viewing, you will always know what is happening with your property. Transparency is crucial, we will always tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. Our feedback is honest, accurate and regular.

We are offering the best of both worlds under one roof
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